5 Cheap Things I Can’t Live Without

Sometimes we “keep” things (I refuse to say hoard) because even though they have grown less popular, or aren’t considered High Fashion, they WORK, and that’s why we’re OK with being ridiculed for keeping them. I had filed this post away as a draft for a future date, when I read a post by Simple Payday, on their cash loans blog, called Can I take out more then one? An excellent point was made in that post: we shouldn’t have to be concerned with what other people think about the things that make us comfortable.

Some things we keep around, because they keep us in our ‘comfort zone’ might not be new, shiny, or popular — but who cares!? Here’s the good news: we don’t have to “keep” extras of these comfort items on hand anymore… OK – we don’t have to HOARD THEM, because they are still readily available on eBay, or at the dollar store in many parts of the country!

Here’s my list of the 5 cheap things I can’t live without:


Yep – I said it aloud. I still buy and use hair scrunchies on a regular basis. Every day, would be a good estimate. Inmy world, the hair scrunchie has a definite place: to create a “bun” on the back or top/back of my head when I don’t feel like dealing with my hair. I can also use a hair scrunchie to save money at home. Yes! If I either don’t blow-dry my hair, or only blow-dry it half way, putting my hair up in the scrunchie until it dries creates soft waves in my hair. This saves the cost of electricity, as well as the cost of more frequent hair trimming at the hair salon due to overuse of heat appliances.

Scunci, the company that (still) makes hair scrunchies, has gotten smart about this, and given them a fancy name: Scunci Effortless Beauty Thermal Twisters … proving me right in using them to create heat-free waves and prevent damage to my hair. The link I have provided for the Scunci Effortless Beauty Thermal Twisters is living proof of how GREAT they are – because this item is sold out on Amazon.com. So see – it’s not just me who scoffs at their bad ’80′s hair rep and uses them.


OK – I’m not open to debate on the bad/good (OK, bad) qualities of diet pop. I will say that I used to drink a lot more of it than I do now, and I’m OK that I do. That said: Coke Zero and Pepsi One are the Nectar of the Gods!!!! Soda is cheap, too. I save money by keeping any random fast-food drink cups and straws, washing them in the dishwasher, and filling them with diet soda from a 2 liter when I leave the house. Doing this makes me happy (Nectar of the Gods)… AND deters me from zipping through the McDonald’s drive-thru for a soda – especially since the town we ive in has no McDonald’s!

Another thought on soda (or pop, depending on where you’re from…) I HATE flat soda. One way I have discovered to avoid this is with a Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker. I had my reservations about this decive (would “Diet Cola” taste anything like Coke Zero?), but I love the fact that I can make smaller batches of soda – and it doesn’t go flat or get wasted, because it is consumed easily enough.


I love music. Given a choice, I will have the radio on in the house before I will allow the TV all day. If you’ve ever given up cable to save money, like we did, you come to appreciate everything else you can do without being joined at the hip with your television. If I listen to radio, it’s an FM Radio channel — no talk radio for me! Since I work from home, an internet connection is something I won’t cut out of our budget – which makes it easy to listen to a wide range of radio stations across the nation via Apps like Radio Pup and I Heart Radio.


I work from a dedicated home office – so it’s not like I’m short of places to write. But sometimes, there are just days when you start to go stir crazy. Sure – Starbucks is a nice place to sip a Latte and blog for an afternoon… OH! But wait – we just moved to Wyoming, and the small town we live in does not have a Starbucks – or a coffee shop of any kind, except a convenience store. Luckily, we do have a library in town! The library is the quiet place where I spent peaceful hours in my youth, and the musty smell of books still bring back memories just walking through the door. The library is also the place where my kids learned social skills, how to share, sit quietly (mostly) for story hour, and how to beg for odd jobs around the house when they forgot to return their books, garnering huge library fines. In my eyes, the library is a free haven from the crazy world we live in. Aside from being a place to “go”, I love checking our digital copies of my library books from the comfort of my own home, if I don’t feel like going out. I am a verified Kindle eBook junkie!


That warm, familiar silence that comes when no one is home, you don’t need the radio on for background noise, and you can sit back and relax with a diet soda.

Enough said.