Meet Steve Donovan

Steve and I met on a subway. He was sitting across from me and looked just like my childhood playmate grown up. So, when he got off, I followed him and started a conversation. It turned out Steve and I were kindred spirits: both loving to travel, both open to adventures, both consciously trying to learn and grow, both wandering souls, if you will. Despite our twenty-year age difference, we got along well, so I did some wheeling and dealing to get him a part-time job at my college. That way we could meet several times a week and talk Read More

Some Newquay Reef Worries

A word of caution is in order, to temper the general enthusiasm of those who stand to benefit: The proposed scheme for the artificial reef shows the situation at various states of the tide. If you do the sums, you will realise that the proposal is for 50 thousand tonnes of estuarine sand and gravel to be deposited in Newquay Bay, just below the low water mark of Great Western and Tolcarne beaches. This material to be contained in bags with a lifetime of only 25 years. It sounds like a long time, but, believe me, its not. Will the Read More

Interview with Professor Kerry Black

SJ – Will they build and test a scale model to show the affects on tidal flows, waves, and currents? Kerry – What has happened in the last 10-15 years is that the computer/numerical models have become much more sophisticated; and they are much more versatile than the scale models because you can do a lot more different shapes and sizes and change parameters so much easier in a mathematical model than you can in a hard concrete or wooden physical model. Also the physical models have some disadvantages with scale affects and you need a very large model and Read More

SJ’s interview with Mike Parsons

SJ – Are you in London today? Mike Parsons – Yeah, I’m actually flying back to Mundaka/Spain tomorrow. I came from California two days ago for the Billabong Pro event in Mundaka and flew over to London this morning, so I go back there for about a week before I go home.   SJ – How have you found the day so far? MP – It was really good. Richard and Judy were really cool. That was a fun show to go on. They were genuinely really interested in surfing and that was really cool.   SJ – Do you Read More

The endless bummer

I recently returned to England for a visit after living in Australia for the past 30 years. I thought it was about time I got my act together, place my bum on an air-plane seat, and see the old country again. Not only Brighton and Hove where I grew up, but also Cornwall as well, namely Newquay, where a group of friends and I spent a couple of magical summers, enjoying the friendly laid-back atmosphere of Newquay in the sixties.   Great Western, Summer 1963 Copyright © Seasedge Publications It was a time when the Beach Boys were popular, and Read More

Rod Sumpter’s Role in British Surfing

Rodney burst onto the European scene from Avalon Beach near Sydney, a tanned teenager, with a white hot style. He’d had a starring role in Bruce Brown’s “Endless Summer”. He was the 1963 Australian Junior Champion who had also won the US Junior Championships at Huntington Beach in California and had surfed Hawaii’s North Shore on a promotional visit with the WindanSea Club. Rod had already blitzed his way through top European competition in Jersey in 1965 and was now set to take mainland Britain by storm. British summertime water wasn’t much colder than the Pacific in winter – and Read More

Lee Evans (Land of Saints) Interview

[Photo courtesy & Copyright © John Isaac] SJ: Where did the idea for Land of Saints come from? Lee: The name came from an old painting in Truro Cathedral but the idea itself came from my need to share my thoughts and feelings on surfing and use Cornwall as a canvas and its characters to share that joy and stoke of surfing.   SJ: It’s been a long while in production now, how long has it been in the making? Lee: Two years in the filming and getting on for ten months in the post-production. It’s really important to make Read More

Russell Winter Interview

[Courtesy & Copyright © Shiraz Jiwa] SJ: Bearing in mind you’ve recently beaten the likes of ex world champion ‘Occy’, why aren’t you competing at the higher 6* event at Huntingdon this week? Russell: Well because it’s my hometown and I wanted to come back and win it in front of my family and friends. In America I wasn’t in the money round, and obviously that’s why I’ve come here.   SJ: You and ‘Occy’ are old friends and going on from what he said about you having the potential to be one of the top ten surfers in the Read More