Meet Steve Donovan

Steve and I met on a subway. He was sitting across from me and looked just like my childhood playmate grown up. So, when he got off, I followed him and started a conversation. It turned out Steve and I were kindred spirits: both loving to travel, both open to adventures, both consciously trying to learn and grow, both wandering souls, if you will. Despite our twenty-year age difference, we got along well, so I did some wheeling and dealing to get him a part-time job at my college. That way we could meet several times a week and talk Read More

Interview with Ned Overend

  Waterworldyork – Ned, thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to chat with you.  Your long, storied career encompasses so much that we feel like we’re talking to a living, endurance-sports history book.  We’ll start off by asking an easy one.  How are the lungs? Ned – “Old and getting older. I still had a few good performances in 02 and am excited about a variety of events in 03. Two bright spots this year were having the fastest bike splits at the XTERRA Keystone and XTERRA finals at Tahoe. I was third at Tahoe and fifth at Read More

Keep your Children safe and move to Wales

Parents may be unintentionally exposing their children to cyber-bullying and other online risks by setting up social media accounts for their offspring and allowing them to surf the web unsupervised. With increasing numbers of children using the internet, a new study has found that only one in ten parents think their child is safe online yet many (43%) willingly set up social media profiles for their children, even if they are under-age. A third of parents also admitted they had not spoken to their children about how to stay safe online and less than 1 in 5 had set parental controls Read More

5 Cheap Things I Can’t Live Without

Sometimes we “keep” things (I refuse to say hoard) because even though they have grown less popular, or aren’t considered High Fashion, they WORK, and that’s why we’re OK with being ridiculed for keeping them. I had filed this post away as a draft for a future date, when I read a post by Simple Payday, on their cash loans blog, called Can I take out more then one? An excellent point was made in that post: we shouldn’t have to be concerned with what other people think about the things that make us comfortable. Some things we keep around, Read More

Interview with Professor Kerry Black

SJ – Will they build and test a scale model to show the affects on tidal flows, waves, and currents? Kerry – What has happened in the last 10-15 years is that the computer/numerical models have become much more sophisticated; and they are much more versatile than the scale models because you can do a lot more different shapes and sizes and change parameters so much easier in a mathematical model than you can in a hard concrete or wooden physical model. Also the physical models have some disadvantages with scale affects and you need a very large model and Read More

Martin Potter Interview

  (Photo courtesy & Copyright © SJ: Why are you competing at the Boardmasters festival and not at the higher rated WQS event at the American Opean of Surfing @ Huntington Beach in America? What Makes Newquay special for you? Pottz: The Boardmasters gave me the wildcard last year although unfortunately I was unable to hang around and surf in it due to my wife giving birth to twins. So I felt like I had to come back and that I had some unfinished business. But besides that, I’ve actually retired from surfing competitively, this is probably just a Read More

The endless bummer

I recently returned to England for a visit after living in Australia for the past 30 years. I thought it was about time I got my act together, place my bum on an air-plane seat, and see the old country again. Not only Brighton and Hove where I grew up, but also Cornwall as well, namely Newquay, where a group of friends and I spent a couple of magical summers, enjoying the friendly laid-back atmosphere of Newquay in the sixties.   Great Western, Summer 1963 Copyright © Seasedge Publications It was a time when the Beach Boys were popular, and Read More

Tsunami hit Arugam Bay

It was a gruelling twelve hour flight to the Sri-Lankan capital Colombo and a further ten hour bus journey East along dirt tracks and bumpy roads to our final destination, the tsunami hit Arugam Bay. This is a small fishing community on the east coast of Sri Lanka, which was devastated when the Tsunami hit; and with more than 300 people dying, the communities residents stood shoulder to shoulder as they grieved. Now, six-months on from the Tsunami, and in a country that Marco Polo described as the most beautiful island of it’s size he had ever seen, my eyes Read More