Stereotypical Strokes

backstroke1Swimming is a great recreational exercise – one that rejuvenates the body and mind and motivates one to push boundaries further. Just like any other sport or activity, swimming has its own share of patrons who have peculiar ways of accomplishing the sport. Some are laid back while some sweat it out at every opportunity to make it big.

While you might not encounter a Micheal Phelps or an Ian Thorpe everyday, there are some definite swimmer stereotypes who make for some great company by the pool.

      1. Flying Fish
        Okay, there exist ‘flying’ fish in the sea, but you can find human varieties in the swimming pool as well. They are well-built and can have more displacement per stroke. People generally tend to get inspired by these kind of swimmers.
      2. My Style…Freestyle
        These are the guys with the most unique styles. It’s not uncommon to find human versions of dolphin and doggy style type of swimming. These guys make for a very entertaining bunch.
      3. Look Mom, A Butterfly!
        These guys are some of the best. Synchronization of the limbs at its finest. Butterfly strokes can be difficult to master and these guys are there to show just how its done.
      4. Pool-side Perfectionists
        These guys rarely make a splash. They derive cardinal pleasure in critically evaluating the performance of those who have already taken the plunge. The cozy chair by the pool appeals more to them more than taking the splash.strokes
      5. The Escapists
        They came. They saw. They jumped – only to retreat midway citing toothache, duh. While they complain of all sorts of maladies in the pool, on the pool-side, they are kind of laid back and enjoy the show while the rest sweat it out.
      6. Coz the Coach Knows Best
        These are trained pros who can differentiate the butterflies in their strokes to those in their stomachs. They are always ready to help with a technique, although they can get a bit too demanding at times.
      7. Attention Seekers
        Don’t ever take their unassuming nature for granted. These swimmers are typically laid back on the swimming chair – until a hot female swimmer passes by. At once, you will notice a huge wall of water rising from the pool – this guy just made a splash in hopes of wooing that dame.
      8. The Conservationist
        These guys conserve as much energy as they can and put their best show for the last. The impression they leave can sometimes be long lasting.
      9. Feet Propellers
        These guys are like human submarines. Their feet displacement is awesome which gives them a huge lead over the others. They are also good in creating ripples which make for a free surf, to the person swimming beside them.


These are just some of the stereotypical characters one can encounter near the pool. It’s not surprising if any of them bear an uncanny resemblance to your style of swimming. The best part of swimming is the socializing opportunity it allows – either among individuals or between groups of individuals, all with a zeal and enthusiasm to make the next splash even bigger.