Swimming – Exercise and Fun

Swimming is one of the more popular forms of exercise as it helps you become both fitter and feel better. While the cold weather may limit the months when you can swim in the ocean or the lake, there are many public indoor pools to use to continue your swimming and aquatic exercise even in colder climates.

The national governing body for swimming, USA Swimming, declares that swimming is a sport which builds up self-awareness and confidence levels in youth. Moreover, this is a sport which is healthy for mature athletes, and that water helps make you feel younger.

Benefits to adults

Adults do agree that they tend to understand gravity better as they grow older. So swimming offers the advantage of being able to exercise without any restrictions associated to the heaviness of age. The extra weight gained over the years takes its toll on people.

Jumping into the pool helps provide relief from aching ankles and bundled joints. Moreover, as swimming is a non-weight bearing exercise, it is a better exercise option for the obese. The water not only supports them but prevents them from overheating while exercising.

Fun activity

Swimming is not only a good exercise, but is also fun. It gives you an excellent workout as it’s not as gruelling or sweaty as walking on stationary cycles or outdoors. Swimmers swear that they feel so much joy swimming in deep water, especially outdoors with the blue sky and the scenery to distract them.

Moreover, the water’s aqueous environment helps isolate and insulate the swimmer. In fact, lap swimmers vouch that after a few hundred laps, they forget about other things and concentrate only on their breathing, technique and stroke control. Coach and Masters Swimmer Jennifer Parks states in May 2003’s Swimmer magazine that swimming is an effective mind-clearing workout.


As swimming uses all the major muscle groups of the body, it is an aerobic form of exercise which helps improve your cardiovascular health. It is an exercise which helps increase the circulation of blood in the body, and also increases your lung capacity.

Of course, like any aerobic exercise, it also helps you burn calories by expending energy. While it’s not possible to lose weight only by exercising, combined with a healthy, reduced-calorie diet, you will gradually but permanently lose weight.

Mentally beneficial

Swimming is a sport which benefits younger swimmers in more ways than one. Most important, it helps you build your confidence by increasing your competence levels. Swimming is not only an individual sport; it is also played in groups or teams to help kids learn about competition and cooperation.

Swimming coaches also help swimmers build a positive self-image and the required discipline to control all negative thoughts. Moreover once swimmers gain their confidence in water, they enjoy the freedom and release of being able to move fast in the weightless environment.


So while swimming is good as an exercise for most people, the sedentary should consult their doctor before starting swimming or any exercise regimen. While there are cases of people suffering from reactions while swimming in chemically treated pool water, the other common complaints include irritated eyes, lung irritation and dry or itchy skin.

However it’s possible to reduce allergic reactions by maintaining cleaner pools. In fact, the outdoor pools pose fewer disinfection problems than indoor pools as its open-air facility offers better ventilation.